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“It brings people in that have never tried our stuff, We give them a sampler and they get to try all our different beers, and it sort of ties you to your local brewery. Anytime I travel anywhere, that’s what I do, I find a brewery and I go to their taproom, and that’s what people are doing here, so it’s very, very cool.”


Straight to Ale
at Campus 805

located at 2610 Clinton Ave NW Huntsville, AL 35805
256- 801-9650

After reclaiming the defunct Stone Middle School, our newest facility offers 20 plus Taps of Straight To Ale Brews, food from our scratch made kitchen (Ale’s Kitchen) and spirits from our in house distillery (Shelta Cavern Spirits).

With multi-use spaces from the Taproom, arcade and patio spaces there is always something going on with room for everyone!

Free Tour Every Saturday at 2 P.M.

Straight To Ale
Leeman Ferry Lounge

Located at 3200 Leeman Ferry Rd (behind the Matrix Gym)
Huntsville, AL 35801

Our home for the past 5 years, this is where it all came together! Providing a more intimate Taproom environment, the Leeman Ferry Lounge is the perfect spot for a casual meet up with friends. We have free popcorn and a relaxed atmosphere with 10 rotating taps. Feel free to order in or bring your own food in anytime!

Our History

Straight to Ale was formed in 2009 by a group of local homebrewers with the desire to provide top quality hand crafted beer to the local Huntsville market. At the time, Alabama laws on brewing beer were very restrictive and did not allow Alabamians to enjoy full flavored beer in the state. Straight To Ale worked with Free the Hops to get those laws changed, allowing craft beer to be legally sold in our home state – changing the Alabama craft beer landscape forever.

Our first location was a 500 square foot space in the old Lincoln Mill. Working on our 3 barrel system, we were able to create the first Straight to Ale beer (Monkeynaut IPA), which debuted along with some others in May 2010. The demand for Straight To Ale beer from locals quickly outran the supply, forcing expansion to the 10,000 square foot Leeman Ferry location. With the increased capacity Straight to Ale produced even more great beers including Brother Joseph’s Belgian Dubbel, Lily Flagg Milk Stout, He Ain’t Heffe Hefeweizen, Laika Russian Imperial Stout and the Bourbon and Barrel Aged beers like Unobtanium and Illudium.

In a 4 short years, with the overwhelming support of Straight to Ale’s fans and awesome retailers, the demand for Straight to Ale’s beer and a very unique opportunity to once again expand operations into the new Campus 805 location. What was once Butler High School, located here at the intersection of Clinton Ave. and Governors Dr., was renamed Stone Middle School and was remodeled after a suspicious fire destroyed much of the old school. Low enrollment at both Butler High and Stone Middle along with newly constructed, modern schools led to their closings.

An idea soon blossomed into a reality with help from the City of Huntsville and the new Straight to Ale Brands at Campus 805 is now a reality. We developed a well thought out plan for the space with a focus on recycling the history of the former school along while transforming the new space into a fully-functioning, modern production facility with the latest in craft brewing technology and a destination place for locals and craft beer lovers from all over the world.

Both Straight to Ale locations give us the capability to meet the current demand and allow us realize our brand’s potential in new markets, with plenty of room to grow.