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Discover the secret entrance to the speakeasy and enjoy a taste of Shelta Cavern Spirits. Distilled in-house at Straight to Ale, Shelta Cavern Spirits offers a variety of liquors, including gin, rum, vodka and whiskey. Our bartenders carefully craft unique cocktails that compliment the flavors of each spirit.

In basic terms, what we do is take our fermented product and heat it to boil off and concentrate the ethanol. We can run just under 150 gallons at a time, and depending on the ABV of our wash, get somewhere around 10 gallons of hearts that we can use. Vodka hearts are run through a few times to completely strip it of any flavors and aromas. Gin is run twice, with the infusion of the juniper berries on the second run. Whiskey and rum are run once.

Our whiskey is a light whiskey, meaning that it is distilled at a high proof so that it is smoother than traditional whiskey. We also do vanilla vodka, we are working on grapefruit vodka, and have whiskey, rum, and gin aging in barrels. We currently have three types of whiskey- aged on heavy toasted (dark) oak chips, aged on light toasted oak chips, and a base white whiskey.

– Bojangle, Head Distiller

These drinks are available at the speakeasy bar:

Mon – Thurs: 4pm – 10pm
Fri: 4pm – 11pm
Sat: 2pm – 11pm
Sun: Closed

Unless the venue is closed for a private function. Please note: the Speakeasy is a 21+ venue unless rented out for a private function.