3rd Circle Cellars is Huntsville’s hottest spot for hedonists and gluttons. We are a progessive urban winery located at Straight to Ale in Campus 805, where we make and celebrate wine in all its forms. Our program focuses currently on a devilishly delicious line of traditional vitis viniferawines and craft ciders. Come by our tasting room, located next door to STA, to sample our wines and sip craft cocktails. Take an Insta Pic on our Wicked Wing Wall or just lounge in the luxury of our little corner of the afterlife.

Featured Wines

2020 Chardonnay

Sassy and full of herself, this brazen lady wears a bright lemon dress dotted with nectarines. Gardenia blossoms burst from her wide-brim hat. She hasn’t seen a whole lot of oak, but she’s mature enough to know her way around a Junior League brunch and she’s ready for whatever drama those girls dish up.

2020 Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé

Strawberry and Watermelon
Sittin’ in a tree
Pucker up and join the fun

2022 Red Blend

Dark, brooding, and gorgeous. He’s quiet but aggressive, and he’ll wrap you in the velvet luxury of deep red and black fruit, rich spice, and pepper. He’ll charm the pants off your mother, but your dad will never trust him. With that deep barrel chest and those smoky good looks, he’s only going to get more handsome with age.