Each Monday from 3-10 pm we host our Brews to Benefit series, where $1 from each pint purchased will be donated to a local nonprofit or community organization. If you’re interested in having a Brews to Benefit for your organization, fill out the form below.

Once a date is confirmed for your event, your organization is responsible for creating a Facebook event and sharing the link with Straight to Ale so we can help promote. If you need any photos or logos to use for promotional material just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

If you are interested in doing a larger event the same date in conjunction with your Brews to Benefit, we will get you in contact with our Events Coordinator once your date is confirmed.

The day of your Brews to Benefit, your organization is required to attend for a minimum of 2 hours that evening, in order to represent your nonprofit. We welcome you to set up a 6-foot table with more information on your organization and give away literature or promotional materials.