N/A sqft Capacity: 120 persons. Availability: Mon-Thur: 8AM-10PM, Fri-Sat: 8AM-11PM, Sun: 8AM-8PM

What is better than sharing beers and food with your friends outdoors? Doing it here at Straight to Ale! Our Biergarten is a great place to hang casually with your friends and family at a get-together, but it can also be elegant in its simplicity for a nice plated dinner or intimate reception. Dress it up or dress it down - the Straight to Ale Biergarten offers a private space with access to our taps and kitchen. Pair it with a rental of the High Falls Wine Tasting Room, and you can have your own adjacent taproom for an evening as well!

Just remember, while we would love to help you plan a fun night with us, we unfortunately cannot control the weather.

Amenities: Picnic tables and benches, bartenders and private bar, A/C, and power access.

Sun-Sat: $300

Server fee: $25/per server for the open hours of your event. 2 hour minimum.