The Speakeasy

2,600 sqft Capacity: 110 persons. Availability: Mon-Thur: 9AM-10PM, Fri-Sat: 9AM-11PM, Sun: 9AM-8PM

The jazzy and intimate atmosphere of our cleverly hidden speakeasy is the ideal place to put a spin on your next function! Complete with a 10 tap bar and access to a full mixed-drink menu featuring our very own Shelta Cavern Spirits.

Straight to Ale’s speakeasy can suit a number of events, ranging from a birthday or anniversary celebration, to a weekend seminar for local businesses. With a projector set-up, small stage, and sound system, this local hotspot can become home to just about anything you can imagine.

Let us help you put on a prohibition themed party, a small concert or recital, or perhaps an awards ceremony for your community. Perhaps you’re planning a sibling or friends engagement party or rehearsal dinner and would like to put on a mildly embarrassing slideshow and tell all their future in-laws torrid stories over specialty cocktails named after those fond memories? Maybe your company is looking for a unique spot to host this year’s departmental conference, and you’d like to be able to treat them to great food and drinks, as well as access to some of the most popular spots in Huntsville to unwind in between meetings?

Whatever the case, Straight to Ale’s Speakeasy can help to make your next function a night to remember.

There are several seating arrangements that will optimize your layout. While not available for hourly rentals, we can easily accommodate daily rentals, and provide access to our kitchen services and taps for additional fees.

Amenities: tables, chairs, bartenders and
private bar, screen/projector with HDMI
input, A/C, LED lighting small stage
and power access.

Availability: Mon-Thur: 9AM-10PM
Fri-Sat: 9AM - 11PM
Sun: 9AM-8PM

Fees: Sun-Wed: $600
Thurs: $850
Fri - Sat: $1200 (must be catered in house)

Service fee: $25/per bartender for the open hours of your event.